“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” ~ Joseph Campbell


I’m waiting patiently and impatiently to move into our new space next week. For the past 6 months I’ve pretty much lived out of 2 suitcases on random beds and even a tent in the back yard. Friends and family have graciously and generously opened their homes and hearts. They have all been such an amazing support system that has made this leap to leave Michigan possible. We finally found a funky fantastic place to rent in Carlsbad, CA and we get to move in next week!

This move and the crazy way I chose to do it has been hard, humbling and mostly amazing. I’ve always been a homebody and did not think I would do well with out a home-base. But, I’m happy to say I’ve done pretty good. I feel so filled up with the people time that was missing for so long. It’s been worth not having the privacy and flow of my own space.

Plus, I am learning to embrace the Unknown day after day. I’m not an expert at this Unknown business, just a bit better than I was. I think I’m growing my ability to be okay with whatever is going on and making better choices on what I want to have go on.

How about you?

What’s going on in your world?

I miss you and I look forward to catching up more often once I settle in to my new home, not just my new physical home but my new cyber home. I have a few glitches to work out at the new website but you can get a sneak peek here. I’m pretty excited and grateful to have both on the horizon, they feel long over due yet perfectly timed, I think It’s pretty cool they are happening simultaneously.

FYI – The dog waiting patiently in the photo above is Ruby, one of the sweet doggies I got to take care of as part of the moving process, I did a bit of house & pet sitting :)



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