Mother Nature is My Muse

The most potent muse of all is our own inner child. ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch

Do you remember weaving string between your fingers?

or building a teepee?

How far can you reach?

Pretty far!

Do you remember drawing triangles?

and then geometry got a bit more complicated?

Can you catch a raindrop?

or a rainbow?

Linked with POTW, thanks Hilary

22 thoughts on “Mother Nature is My Muse

  1. Christine…speechless and in awe…just incredible and yes, I remember all of it. And your words with the photos swell achingly in my eyes for a time of innocence and love for what is in the moment. The orbs in your photos are gatherings of fairies dancing in the delight of your time in their world and I am sure that they all have stories of their own in regards to the dances of your hikes and photo opportunities. I am sure there is such a thrill watching you in unconventional shoes and clothing as you scurry to catch the bird…bug…mushroom…or sparkle that catches your eye. I love you my friend and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sharing…my world expands as I wait with anticipation and receive your next blog post :)

  2. yes yes and yes…..and to this day, i still do cat’s cradle and make an amazing jacob’s ladder !! and every day, i reach a bit further.
    thanks for a fun and beautiful post !!

  3. I feel I am going to echo many of the comments above though here goes – these photos are so beautiful, if not moreso because they are accompanied by your words. Achingly beautiful as Gretchen mentioned, is on the mark. thank you for sharing.

  4. I’ve never been able to bring myself to kill a spider (Charlottes Web is a childhood favorite) and their webs can be so intricately or even sometimes insanely woven…congratulations on POTW…our Hilary really knows how to pick them!

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