The Online Monthly Unwrap is a long-distance support system. You will Exquisitely Unwrap with other women who are committed to creating and willing to dive deep. I facilitate a group session with a monthly theme. Each gathering inspires a shift out of comfort zones and into the spaces where magic happens. When you unwrap the gift that you are, amazing things happen!

  • We will dive into guided group practices.
  • Share progress & offer support.
  • Explore new ways to commit to your creative expression/s.

You will experience ‘aha’ moments that nurture and surprise. No experience is necessary, just a desire to create and connect with a group of open-hearted women. This creative unconventional monthly support system will help you tap into a new level of unwavering commitment to CREATE the life you want to live.


• Insights on what is truly important for you to pursue right now.
• A new sense of play and creative practices to explore.
• A desire to dig in & do the necessary work to MAKE THINGS happen.

COST: $150 USD

3 Month Package

[blockquote type="blockquote_line" align="left" css_animation="top-to-bottom"]“Whenever you create,
you are making love
for your existence
– OSHO[/blockquote]

There is an alchemy that happens in the shared feminine flow. When women gather with a commitment to grow, and are willing to fully give & receive, magic happens. I facilitate in a way that allows everyone to get and give a variety of support. Yes, there will be some difficult I-don’t-want-to moments, this has to be part of the unwrapping process. We shift out of comfort zones when we do the things that we secretly wish we had the commitment, support and/or courage to do. I fiercely hold space for that to happen during the Exquisite Unwrapping.

The group dynamic accelerates personal progress. When you pursue new ways of walking in the world, a support system is imperative. This group is for those who want trusted others by your side and on your side that offer a safe space for both vulnerability and accountability. This heartfelt companionship helps you filter and follow through with your creative desires.

If you prefer to work one-on-one, check out the Private Unwrap or the Weekend Unwrap.


• A monthly group phone session.
• An email prior to each session with the theme plus additional guidance & goodies.
• An invite to a private community that is a dynamic support system for the Exquisite Unwrapping process.


• A commitment to create & be seen by your cohorts.
• An Email account & Facebook account (you can make one just for this group dynamic).
• An investment of time for the group session. We start at 5:00 with a group call. I will lead a short check-in and guided practices. You will take that energy into your mini-project off the phone. We circle back and connect on the phone again. The session ends at 8:00.

You can purchase a supply pack for the creative talisman projects ($45.00 for 3 projects) or you can buy/use your own supplies (paint, paper, felt, embroidery thread, fabric scraps & ephemera)

A creative talisman is an object you create with intention. In our group dynamic you will infusing each project with specific energy and properties that inspire your creative commitments. These objects will be used on an ongoing basis.


Day: The next ONLINE Unwraps begin on the third Wednesday in January (21st) 
Time: 5:00-8:00 PDT convert your time zone here

When you sign up, I’ll send you an email with additional guidance and some goodies that will jump-start your creative heart. 


COST: $150 USD

3 Month Package