Magical Morning

Angels in the early morning may be seen the
dews among.
Stooping, plucking, smiling, flying.
Do the buds to them belong?
~ Emily Dickinson

I woke up… slowly made my way to the kitchen and then I looked out the window. There was a beautiful shroud of fog ~ wow ~ another magical morning. I was no longer tired, I grabbed my mud boots, put on my bathrobe and practically skipped into the backyard. I spent an hour and a half wandering around finding the most magical dew drops. I did not care that I was sitting on the wet ground in my pajamas. I did not care that I had a hundred other things that needed to get done. I got lost behind my camera.


Two Dew



Two To Go

Circle Slides

Yellow Crown

Covered Clover

Upside Down Christmas

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.


17 thoughts on “Magical Morning

  1. Christine! Christmas indeed! The magic in your photos is incredible … I feel like I am peeking in on another world – thank you for sharing your incredible gift with me! I love you! S

  2. You DID get lost! But I’m so glad you found your way back to be able to post these lovely things. That last (Upside down Christmas) and Translucent are my favorites, but then that’s quibbling! They’re all lovely!

  3. Every blade and leaf is dressed for the ball, each a Cinderella. And like that little cinder girl turned princess, they watch the clock, knowing they will soon return to daily life and normal dress when the sun burns away the fog and mist. Surely, they wait with anticipation for the return of the Foggy Godmother. Farmergal

  4. wow….what great captures {sorry, after that link you sent me and what you said, i couldn’t help myself….WAIT….”what great captures, you must have a great camera”….LOL
    but really, thanks for sharing that link with me….it will really make me think before i speak next time!!

    i’m so jealous…we haven’t had a foggy dewy morning, yet…or wait, maybe i haven’t gotten out of bed early enough to see it :(

  5. I love “upside down Christmas.” I imagine you did feel like a kid at Christmas. I would have, too, had I been able to capture such awesome shots. But, that’s not likely to happen any time soon! lol So, I shall enjoy yours all the more.

  6. Oh Christine…my eyes kept getting wider and wider with each image as I scrolled down the post. I would have been just like you without a care in the world how dirty my bottom was getting just so I could capture such magical moments and keep them forever! You have an awesome backyard!

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