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Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.~ Oscar Wilde

It’s time to curl up on the on the couch and create-a-poem. Using the visual inspiration from the photos above – CREATE a poem.

  • It could be a combination of one word captions inspired by each photo.
  • Each line of the poem could be a phrase created by each photo.
  • It could be any form of poetry or word play you choose, inspired by the photos.

I came up with this idea on a whim and it has become one of my favorite practices. I’m looking forward to reading a photo-poem by you in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “Create a Poem

  1. Magic mist
    Iam gonna let my little light shine
    Think Iam o.k.
    Their coming to get me, oh no
    Ahhhhh, peace

  2. Whispers heard through the fog
    She bends her ear to hear from whence it comes
    Silly girls playing in puddles
    As a thousand eyes watch
    Bubble bubble toil and trouble
    Wash away the day.

  3. Veiled in silence
    Gave up caffeine for Lent
    Soon you will fall into a deep, deep sleep
    Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble
    Evening vigil

  4. Clara, skating
    across the forest floor
    Some follow
    Other observe from the sidelines
    In a blink and a blur
    paths emerge
    and the curtain falls.

  5. the gentle mist hung heavily in the air,
    while the earth bubbled and cracked beneath her
    forming noises in the outside world that humans never really hear
    or understand.


    thanks christine…i love writing poems when asked :)

  6. She wanders in a fog
    Eyes eagerly seeking the sun
    She feels the water envelope her
    Peering at the disappearing surface
    She marvels at the beauty
    And knows there has always sunlight after all

    Oh I do not do your beautiful photos justice but it’s a fun practice. Thanks for the invite. :)

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