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Poem Please

…darker than gods pocket ~ Trevor South

It’s that time again. I had fun putting some of my favorite dark, moody, ominous photos together in hopes of coaxing a poem out of you. (If you’re new to Photo Poems check out this post or this one and you can read some of the wonderful poems in the comments)

Or just jump in and create any kind of poem these photos inspire;

  • A caption for each photo becomes the poem
  • Create a title and do an acrostic with a word from your the title
  • Let the mood of the photos invite words

It only takes a few minutes and it means so much to me, so please … pretty please will you write a poem inspired by the photos for me.

Mine is in the comments :)

Gills & Spores

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try ~ Dr. Seuss

the underside of some mushrooms is so much prettier than the topside. The gills create incredible patterns. isn’t this purple one gorgeous?

if you hold them up to the sun it creates some beautiful back lighting

these cascading curves remind me of a waterfall

doesn’t this set look like an upside-down wedding cake!

sometimes they make beautiful spore prints, sometimes there duds, it’s a fussy business that i haven’t mastered but it’s sure fun experimenting …

i never know what color I’m going to get, it’s fun to wake up and go flip over my shrooms :)




I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. ~ Albert Einstein

Most of my circle paintings began with a layer of paint that wasn’t working for where I initially intended to go until I decided that I would use the bottom layer as a template for the direction I wanted to take the new circle idea. This jewel toned explosion of color started with tiny tiny circles that expand out …

and finally it’s done!


Patchwork Postcards

In the crazy quilt of life, I’m glad you’re in my block of friends. ~Author Unknown

I had so much fun taking part in Kat Solma’s Liberate Your Art postcard exchange. I decided to do some patchwork postcards in honor of quilting bees.

Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong century, I love that pioneer women gathered together to chat and sew on a regular basis, they made quilts for warmth and as an art form to hang on walls. There’s something about co-creating that totally engages me. I wish women gathered to create more often and appreciate that at least we gather virtually :)

Most days I feel like I was born at the perfect time. I think technology is so exciting. Things like getting to meet ‘strangers’ via social media is awesome, even if we have not met in person YET, I just adore that we gather regularly online. And, those of you who I am lucky enough to know in person, I feel like I know you better because of our connection here. I’m sooooo grateful for all your kind comments and emails.







I did not read the directions on the exchange and when I went to mail them, I found the instructions and realized that I actually have to send printed cards rather than the originals! Part of me is bummed and part of me is thrilled, I really like how these came out and now I get to live with them longer. But I’m also committed to getting my art out there, I think I’ll frame a couple of these originals and put them up for sale :)

I’d love you feed back… when I print the postcards, should I include my website name on the front of the card like this ↓ or just on the back? And, I always like to know favorites?

Thanks for your help :)

UPDATE 9-13-2012

Here are the cards I got in the mail over the past few weeks. It’s been so much fun to network with new artists. I hope I find the owners to all of these beautiful cards.

30 x 30

Let your love be like the misty rains coming softly but flooding the river.

~ Malagasy proverb

It was a misty day. I kept trying to find a window of weather to get out and for a hike.

As I waited for it to let up, I decided to take some photos from the porch of the drenched flowers.

I’m continually amazed by the how the water behaves, beading up in beautiful ways.

Now how can I resist that face asking me to get off the porch?

We walked to the pond and got soaking wet but it was so worth it.

Yesterday and today I tried to sign up for the 30 x 30 challenge. It’s a cool concept of getting out in nature for 30 minutes ( or more ) for 30 days in a row. I finally realized that you can only sign up if you’re Canadian, bummer! Hey, I have an idea, if you’re not Canadian and think this is something you want to commit to, I say sign up here :)

Just write in the comments ‘I commit to getting out in nature 3o minutes or more for the next 30 days’. You can do it even if it’s past June 1st, the goal is 30 days in a row.

Most days this is not a big challenge for me, hiking in nature is what keeps me sane, but rainy days like today can be a good excuse to stay in, I’m so glad I had the added motivation to get out anyway, it was a fun adventure.

Are you up for the challenge?

Crazy Creative

Interviewer: If your house were on fire, which object would you take with you?
Jean Cocteau: The fire!

Novelist, Playwright, Poet, Filmmaker, Painter and Choreographer

I have so much crazy creative energy flowing through me lately. It’s been fun, chaotic, and inspiring. Ideas keep falling into my head, I have notes all over the place on things I want to experiment with or remember to do.

I’m trying to focus and get things done but it’s been hard to stay on track. I did finish my husband’s birthday cards. Above are 3 of the 21 he get’s every year. I decided on a heart theme this year (more on that when he’s finishes opening all his cards).

I’m dog earring and underlining most of these two books that I highly recommend. They have opened me up to new thoughts and new projects :)

Hearts seem to be my new focus, I set aside my circle paintings to experiment with these heART paintings (inspired by the card series). This first one may be a bit too crazy colorful but it sure reflects the space I’m in.

After working on the heART painting this morning I got my hands dirty in the garden … made some notes on the new creativity class I’m putting together … cleaned the house while listening to podcasts … hiked and hiked and hiked. I’m surprised I still have energy to put together this post. I love it when I have enough steam to do the million things I want to do. I bet I’ll need to rest a bit tomorrow.

Oh and I almost forgot, I took a few hundred photos, it’s become like brushing my teeth.

How’s your energy lately?

Poem Time

Writing a poem is discovering. ~ Robert Frost 

Did you know April is national poetry month? I thought it would be fun to squeeze in a Photo Poem this last day of the month. If you’re new to creating a photo poem here, check out the guidance here or here. If your old hat, have at it …

I found this great link of 3o ways to celebrate poetry. I want to do all 3o, who’s up for doing a few with me? I’ll add my poem to the comments, I can’t wait to read yours!

Art & Answers

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. ~ Thomas Merton

I had so much fun reading all of your answers to my 5 questions. Thanks for sharing. My sweet friend Shea asked me to share my answers, so here goes.

1. What did you have for breakfast today?

I love breakfast it’s my favorite meal. I wake up hungry. Today I got up and ate a cookie,  I don’t do this often but it’s kind of fun sometimes. For my real breakfast, I made a mixture of granola, frozen organic raspberries, and plain Chobani yogurt. Have you had Chobani yogurt it is so yummy. I also made a delicious pot of black tea, I have a collection of tea leaves … assam, darjeeling, breakfast blends etc. I think tea is one of my favorite foods.

2. Do you have any spring time rituals?

I did not think I had any spring time rituals when I asked you the question, I was looking forward to your answers so I could create some, I want more ritual in my life. As I read your answers, I realized that I actually have one . My husbands birthday is in May,  each year I create 20 cards for him. Someone told me once that Sufi’s celebrate their birthdays for 20 days, 10 days before and 10 days after. I loved the idea and have tried to adopt a version of this ritual in my life.

3. What’s your favorite new song or podcast?

I enjoyed finding and listening to each of your new songs/podcasts. Isn’t it amazing that we can so easily pull up an audio or video file so fast and for free! I’m newly obsessed with ‘Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over’, it’s not a new song, just one I’m  listening to lately, here’s a link if you’re interested.

4. How was your weekend?

I had a great weekend filled with hiking, photographing, and painting :)

5. What are you going to create this week?

I’m going to get the credit card option working on my website, it’s one of the last details that is driving me crazy. And I’m working on my circle paintings, I’m having so much fun in the studio :))) I tend to work on many art projects at the same time, I think it’s the nature of mixed media, as I wait for layers to dry, I move to another project. Here is a sneek peek, a little sliver of 3 ‘work in progress’ paintings.

These are last years cards for my husband. I’m working on his new batch for this May’s ritual, but I can’t share them yet, he tends to read my blog.


Art is like beginning a sentence before you know its ending. ~ from ‘Art & Fear’ by David Bayles & Ted Orland 

I signed up for a drawing class, I was resisting, but a friend suggested the class and I thought it could be fun. I don’t like to draw figures but it was good to get out and take the class anyway. For me drawing is like yoga, I may not like the practice but the results are so worth it. On the last day of the class our subject was three girls holding hula hoops, I decided it would be more fun to draw the hoops and eliminate the girls and they even let us paint, I’m always happier painting than I’m am drawing. Here’s the final result …

I also enjoyed sketching the night they brought in a few animals …

It’s been nice to get back in a groove, just looking at art supplies entices me into the studio… this jar of paint is like a yummy can of frosting just asking to be dipped into.

I was so inspired by the hula hoop project, it got me working on a circle series. It feels good to be back in a rhythm of painting, I go through many creative moods and materials never knowing how long each will last. I’m hoping this latest phase will last long enough to finish a series of circle paintings, I’ll keep you posted.

How do you begin again?

This video by Ze Frank totally inspired me ( warning, he cusses like a sailor :)