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My name is Christine Young. I’m an Artist, 4 Legged Lover, & Girlfriend Gatherer.

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I’m on a constant quest to find intimate details. Often, when I head out for a photo expedition, I shift into a little ninja-like warrior. I feel fully in tune with everything surrounding me. When a floating feather or hidden nest calls me over for a closer look, I feel Exquisitely Unwrapped. I’m obsessed with looking at the micro world through the macro lens. Mother Nature confounds & inspires me, something as simple as a curlicue vine can capture my imagination and take me on an Alice In Wonderland-like journey. My time outside walking on the dirt with my camera slung over my shoulder always reveals new ways of seeing and being.


When I slow down and really look, I feel deeply connected to EVERYTHING. I feel Unwrapped. The photos on my blog are carefully curated to share this experience. The images and words are my love letter to the Universe.


The photos you see on my blog and throughout this website are available as prints, on glass and/or for digital licensing. We can create a custom set of photos telling a personal story for you. Together we design a collection with just the right size, color, and subject/s that evoke a particular vibration. Sets are available for your home or a business. You can also create a custom gift for a client, friend, or family member.



When I spend time in making art I tend to blend all kinds of materials. I love putting new things together to see how they interact. I paint with a mixture of inks, watercolors, acrylics etc. I go after the blank white canvas with random layers. I start to really come alive when I let myself scrape & spray & play. I love getting lost in that timeless wordless space. If I was to sum up why I paint it’s a few things; I paint to express. I paint to see. I paint to learn. I paint to explore and to tune into something bigger than myself.


Besides painting, I love designing just about anything. My latest creations are Sea Gem Rings. On my walks I search for and collect smooth rocks, broken shells, tiny feathers and other nature bits that I put together in interesting combinations. When I’m treasure hunting for gifts from Mother Nature I get the zing thing when I find just the right shape or color, I feel plugged IN.



You can connect with me below. Or, if you prefer a social media connection, you can send me a message and Friend Me on Facebook. I love meeting new people.