Unconventional CREATIVE adventures

Exquisite Unwrapping is a journey into the heart. We dive into the process with movement, sound & more. We unwrap treasures & CREATE!  The work is intuitive, playful & energetic. The result is a deep sense of knowing combined with new-found creative expression.

Our time together privately or in a group reveals and inspires your unique gifts. It’s an unconventional journey into your exquisite beauty, all of it – the sacred, the silly, the sublime.

  • You are itching — or even bitching — about wanting to live a more creative life.
  • You are creative but need a little kick-ass support to focus & finish.
  • You wish or wonder if you’re one of the creative types.
• You will receive a deeper knowing of how to release anything that is holding you back.
• You will receive a new dose of energy to CREATE…something new, something inspired!  And, you will finally have the enthusiasm and support you need to finish stalled creative projects.
• You will receive a new level of confidence to pursue the job or business you’ve always wanted or the art form you’ve dreamed about but have yet to dive into.
“There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.”
– Poe

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